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Book Nine (ENGLAND: Equestrian)

All of Neel's family and friends are in India...and that's exactly why he jumps at the chance to sign with a cricket team in England. It's not that he doesn't love his traditional parents, it's just that he literally can't do what they want--settle down, marry a girl of their choosing and start a family of his own. His former teammate Ajay always harangues him about coming out, but it was easier for him--he didn't have to deal with a tight-knit family that would hate him if they had the slightest clue who he really is.

Future Books (subject to change at the whims of our muses, lol!):

The Netherlands: Speed Skating

Jan DeVries leaves Paris and his former lover with his tail between his legs. With nowhere else to go, he heads back home to Amsterdam to his father, who is just coming off a successful winter Olympics coaching the national speed skating team. He can barely be bothered with his wayward and jobless son. He might as well be invisible at home or helping out at the training centre--at least, until one of the team's veterans takes him under his wing. They form an unlikely friendship, but soon the skater must decide whether to train for the next four years or retire to coach, and Jan has come to figure heavily into his plans.


Argentina: Polo

Thiago has been estranged from his wealthy Argentinan family for over fifteen years, ever since they found him with another boy and shipped him off to a Swiss boarding school at the tender age of sixteen. He's formed a new life in Rio de Janeiro with his best friend, and if he's not completely happy, at least he's content with his lonely life of privilege. But when a familiar name comes up in casual conversation, the past comes flooding back with a vengeance. Jose Enrique had been someone he'd looked up to...until he and his family used their wealthy and influence to destroy his life. 
When Thi is called back to Argentina to his father's bedside, there's no choice about whether to go. He needs to put his ghosts to rest. But Jose Enrique isn't quite what he portrays to the world, and he plans to show Thiago that he shouldn't be painted with the same brush as those who were truly to blame for his banishment. He'll do whatever he can to give Thiago what he needs, even if that means giving up his own life in exchange.


United States: American Football

Sometimes you meet the love of your life way too young.  And if you lose that love to the realities of life, can you ever get it back?


Spain: Football/Soccer

Sergio is tired of playing second fiddle and playing the field in Germany, especially when his heart has defected against his will to the most unlikely of men. Needing to escape, he tries for and lands a coveted dream job back at home in Madrid with an internationally known team. He should be on cloud nine. But the skies turn ugly when the object of his desire and derision ends up on the squad. Now he has two choices--stand his ground and fight, or leave and always wonder if he should have stayed. Neither of them knows that circumstances might just take control of that decision away.



  1. Oh My gosh, I can't wait for Sergio's story. I'm looking forward to the others, but he just stuck with me.

  2. are you guys still working on these! I really hope you are!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes!! We did take a little hiatus (that eventually became a longer one, lol), but we are definitely committed to writing these and have the next one in progress. :) Thanks so much! :)

    3. Okay thanks so much for letting me know I look forward to the new ones!


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