Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hey everyone....

T.A. here. I thought maybe I'd do a little post since Devon's done all the work in setting this place up for us. :)

It's been a crazy ride...writing the first six books of our International Men of Sports series.  But we got them done and in. Now on to the next

Devon and I met in New Orleans at the very first GRL and our friendship grew from there. Then in Albuquerque (really? That's how it's spelled? So, we planned out the first six sports books and discovered we share in a hive mind.

I think we're going to share some of our chats with you all from time to time. And you can see what I'm talking about when I say Devon and I are linked psychically. I live in the Midwest and she lives in the Northwest, but we still are able to talk every day. :) While we chat, we'll post the exact same thought at the same time. Or we'll be watching the same show and be thinking the same thing.

It can be a little weird at times, but it's fun when we're writing because we're usually on the same wavelength for our characters.

We have a lot of new books in store for you all. So I hope you'll keep stopping by and checking in on this crazy adventure Devon and I are on. :)

----Love, T.A.

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