Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Reader Newsletter and $25 Gift Card Giveaway from Devon

You still have time to sign up for my new reader newsletter before I send out the very first one! :)

I'm FINALLY doing something I've planned for a long time--starting a reader newsletter. It seems like it's increasingly hard to know who is seeing my updates and news on social media, so I thought a monthly email would be more of a sure thing for my readers. :)

If you would like me to add you to my subscription list, either leave your email address in a comment below or send it to me at devonrhodes at hotmail dot com, and I'll be sending the first newsletter out very soon! <3 Included in the first edition will be directions on how to enter for a $25 gift card from either Amazon or ARe! Only subscribers will have the keyword, so sign up now so you don't miss it!



    I really like your writing both of you, together and apart .

    Thank You Both

    1. Aww. Thank you so much, Chica! I've added you to my list. :)


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