Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our 2014 in Review: Highlights, Pictures and Plans

Man, it's been a long time since we posted here! At first that was because we were working so hard on book after book. Then came conventions, life, etc.. :) So here's a quick look back at our year while we get going on 2015!

In January we were surprised to have our picture in the RWA magazine!! :) Woo hoo!

February brought the Winter Olympics, which we were constantly tuned in to. :) Gotta love winter sports and athletes! Speaking of which, we also finished and had a book come out: our Canada, curler/hockey player, International Men of Sports book, Burning Up the Ice. And every time they showed a commercial with a Zamboni machine... Well--just read the book. ;)

In March, in time for Carnival down in Rio, we released Serving Love in Carnival, our Brazil book about a carnival dancer and a pro beach volleyball player. From their very sexy initial, meeting to coming full circle to the next year's Carnival, we really enjoyed writing in such a fun and unique setting.

Of course, May is RT month and this year it was in New Orleans! We went down a bit early and did some sightseeing before the conference. We spent nine nights together, and it went by sooo quickly! We were inspired and had some great brainstorming sessions, so you'll see more than one new series from us in the next year.

We stayed at Oak Alley Plantation the first night.
Touring Nottoway with our ghostly guide.

First night on Bourbon Street

Tiaras for the Mardi Gras party!

Our panel on Writing Effective LGBTQ Characters with the awesome Amy Lane.
Love my time with my Tata!
 In June, TA and I had a release in time for the Formula One race in Monaco, A Grand Prix Romance. Paolo first appeared in At First Touch, but by the time we were done writing that one, we knew we'd need to tell his story. The glamor of Monte Carlo was a lot of fun to research and we don't blame Paolo for planning his annual holiday there.

We've really enjoyed putting out the GRL Unconventional anthologies with our friends, and this year we took a slightly different approach, setting our stories in an alternate reality Chicago where mobs rule the city.

An Unconventional Chicago is the anthology, and our individual stories that bookend it also available as singles: No Bravery and Bonfire Heart. TA and I plan to write a book about Tomas, one of the characters mentioned in our two stories, sometime in 2015.

October is always GRL month! We met at the very first one over four years ago. :) I really can't imagine there will come a time when we don't go back. Next year will be our fifth, and it's finally on the Left Coast! San Diego...yay! Driving distance for me! :) TA is going to fly to my place and ride down with me. Road trip!

As always, Madison got some great shots. Love this one!

Always so great to spend time with the tribe, especially TA and Jared.
Juke Joint was jumping!
Casino Royale night!
Sharing a table at the booksigning.

Totally Time Travel was a great excuse to show off Tata's tats!

So hard to say goodbye. :(

We also had a release that week, our tennis story, An Ace in the Tiebreak. We technically set it in Switzerland, though they traveled the world with the pro tennis tour. It was thrilling to be able to see the person we dedicated it to in person and hand her a copy. :)


We took a bit of a break after Ace to work on some solo projects and stay fresh, and that paid off because we had a great brainstorming session at GRL and figured out exactly what we want to do with the rest of the series. Then on New Year's Day, we chatted online and worked out a writing schedule for the year. We have lots of great stuff coming up! :)

This month we'll be starting work on book nine in this series, what we're calling "Neel's book." You'll remember Neel from our very first book, A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood. He's moved away from India and signed with a cricket team in England and that's where we'll pick up his story. :)

Hope your 2015 is off to a great start! <3

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  1. Fabulous write up! Trust me, that person was more thrilled than you to receive a signed An Ace in the Tiebreak! ❤️😊


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